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Some Believe Miracles Happen Regularly at the Prattville YMCA and Field of Dreams with Adaptive Programs


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 Some Believe Miracles Happen Regularly at the Prattville YMCA and Field of Dreams with Adaptive Programs

By Pete Dorough

Special to River Region News

Miracles, what are they truly?

Is it a grand event that so many see or is it something as simple as a ball kicked? I don’t think that matters.

I watched this Momma help her son in a game of kickball at Adapted Sports the other night and captured this image. This doesn’t take away from or even start to express all of this and other miracles I watched that night.

Kids who usually don’t get to do things like this did on this night. This lesson can show us so many things, the underdogs, the less fortunate, possibly the picked on, the last picked, the alone…. But are they?

I’ve seen a lot of defeat in my life alone, so much sadness, anger, disappointment but still keep going without questioning. I seem to know I just need to have faith and trust that life isn’t about what sets us back, but the possibilities that lay ahead of us.

I spoke to a very shy young lady that night, not expecting any response, because I am not pushy. I want to see flowers bloom in their own time, but within minutes when I asked another question about “Did she want to throw the ball?” I received a head shake "yes" and away we went.

Lessons learned in life - If we quit before we start, we never achieve anything more than that. We see sadness and disparities everywhere we look it seems, but what about looking past that for the miracles?

Can we fight the negative hard enough to find the positive? We must, or we become another story of defeat and I, for one, don’t want to become just another story that’s lost. I want to be that kickball story, that miracle, even if it’s just for myself.

As a side note, you are never alone, you are never beyond the reach of people who care. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this. Don’t think you need to make a rash decision in any situation. The miracle could be just waiting.

Editor's Note: Pete Dorough writes about his experiences with the Prattville YMCA and their adaptive programs which allow children and adults with special needs to participate in sports. For more information about those programs, contact the Prattville YMCA and the Field of Dreams.


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